Consistently Inconsistent

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Consistently Inconsistent

You haven’t been to the gym in a few weeks but today you are feeling motivated and ready to get back on track. You come in and get after it like you never skipped a beat. The next day you are sore but nothing you haven’t felt before so you come back for more. Hit it hard again. You wake up the following day and can’t move. Getting up and down off the toilet is a challenge. Your coworkers look at you funny as you walk around like Frankenstein. Have you been here? Or maybe you took the smarter approach, came back in and took it easier because you knew you had been away from the gym for a while. Things seem to be going great and you feel back on track but then this thing pops up causing you to miss the session you had planned for the day. Next thing you know you have another thing that disrupts your schedule and keeps you out of the gym. You look up and realize it’s been two weeks since you had made it back to the gym. 

Do either of these scenarios sound like you? If so, we want to help you become consistently consistent. First off, you have to recognize that you have not been consistent in the gym. You have to give yourself some grace when returning to working out regularly. Don’t go as hard or as heavy. This should be progressively brought back overtime. Give yourself a day away from the gym between sessions for a couple weeks to just get used to coming in regularly. Notice we didn’t say a complete day off. We recommend still setting aside time to do something like walk or intentional mobility on those days between training sessions to keep building the habit of performing some movement for yourself daily. 

For those who take the above approach but still seem to find themselves not able to get in a rhythm, you have to find out what is causing this. It’s not appointments or work or your busy schedule. Some of the busiest, most successful people in the world find time to exercise 3-5 times a week. It could be that you are not making it a priority. A way to change that is to put it in your calendar and treat it like a doctor’s appointment you cannot miss. Ironically, if you keep up with your fitness routine, you will be having to visit the doctor far less. 

If you find yourself struggling with getting in the gym regularly, reach out to one of our coaches. We are here to help. WE WANT TO SEE YOU IN HERE!