The H Dub Open 2024


As Kool and the Gang once said, “Let’s all celebrate and have a good time!” The H Dub Open is around the corner but many of you maybe asking “what is The H Dub Open?” Well that is what we are going to tell you about today.

Every year, we run a 4 week competition within the gym. Everyone in the gym will be placed on one of two teams. Your team will have a captain who will be responsible for helping to keep everyone informed, organized, motivated and ready to get after it each week. Every Friday afternoon/evening from February 23rd – March 15th, we will all come together and throwdown on workouts with our teammates. Though you are on a team, these are individual workouts. There will be a Rx version as well as a scaled version of each workout. Your team will receive points from your workout but this is not where the bulk of the points come from. Most of your teams points will come from spirit, participation, and best dressed (that’s right there are themes that require you to dress-up!). We will release a break-down of the points system at a later date.

On Draft Day, you’ll be invited to watch your name be pulled from a hat. Unlike elementary school, EVERYONE GETS PICKED. Then, the Captains work hard to get you to participate in the best, most FUN event at H Dub!


In 2024, The H Dub Open will have 4 workouts, starting with week 1 of what we call “The Lift-Off”. We normally have this as the final week but we are throwing you a curve ball this year and starting with a BANG! The next three weeks you can anticipate workouts that are tough, conditioning heavy style workouts lasting in the 8-15 minute range. There most likely will also be a week where you see a max effort lift of some sort after a conditioning piece.


For some, this is used as a measuring stick each year of their own level of fitness. While the argument could be made for this, we want to explain a better approach. Go into this with ZERO EXPECTATIONS and focus on having FUN. The workouts are different each year, we are at different stages of life each year, using this as a measure of your progress can be a slippery slope. Our focus on programming until The Open is over is to prepare you for the competition. All you need to do is show-up and give your best effort.


We also take this opportunity to give back to our community. There is a $20 fee for participating. That money is used to support a local non-profit which is near and dear to us, Harvest Hands. This non-prophet provides after school programs for the youth in our area of Nashville and H Dub’s own Ruben Torres is a product of this organization. We also use this money to purchase a banner for the winning team, so they will forever be immortalized at the gym!

Our focus is on FUN. We want you to participate because it will make you fitter, and you’ll be happy and love life more.

Let’s start this party