November’s Athlete Of The Month

Time to highlight one of our spectacular athletes! What makes up an Athlete of the Month? Not RX’ing every workout or lifting the most weight. This athlete exhibits consistency and a hard work mentality. Every time they come to the gym they have a good attitude and give their all. This person is also welcoming of others, helping make H Dub the best community there is. Each month we choose a different athlete and post some fun facts about them to help y’all get to know them better!

Mal Smith let’s goooo! Mal is always down for a workout that makes you push yourself. She is also guaranteed to answer your question by saying, “Bruh”. What does she love more than a good workout? Good hangs with friends and chats about Reality TV. Learn more about Mal in her questionnaire below:

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Name: Mallory

Hometown: Des Moines, IA

Age: 27

Occupation: Sales Manager

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I’m born and raised in Iowa but left my fam and moved to Nashville a little over a year ago. Very close to all 3 of my sisters and I have a niece and nephew that are my world! I start everyday with an iced vanilla oat milk latte, yeah I spend way too much money on coffee. You can catch me doing any outdoors activity on the weekends followed by my guilty pleasure, reality tv(Bravo) unless it’s football season!

What were your goals when you started training?

Overall to find a home gym that has a great community and killer workouts! Oh also do a muscle up.

How long have you been at H Dub and how did you get into it?

Almost a year! A coworker recommended I check it out after I told him what I was looking for – nailed it!

What is your favorite/least favorite thing we do in training?

Fav- partner/group workouts. I love sweating with friends!
Least- “all out pace” on the bike.. bruh.

How has H Dub positively affected you?

It’s given me a space that I genuinely look forward going to everyday! The community at the gym is so welcoming and it made my transition of moving that more fun. S/o Vinit first friend at the gym!!

What advice do you have for newcomers?

Take the leap! You have to start somewhere. Get uncomfortable!

What is something no one at the gym knows about you?

I ball out on the pickleball courts.. seriously.

Who are 3 people you would have a meal or drink with dead or alive?

Tom Brady
Will Ferrell

Joe Rogan

If you had an intro song when you walk into the gym what would it be.

Flashing Lights – Kanye West

Favorite Sport?


If you could have one super power what would it be?


What is your favorite thing to eat?

Cowboy burger w/ sweet potato fries (Jack Browns)