Summer Swolestice

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Summer time is here and we are ready to build that muscle and build that engine! Our new cycle beginning Monday June 5th and ending on August 26th is going to have 3 key focuses:

  1. Strengthening The Posterior Chain
  2. Increasing Aerobic Capacity
  3. Hypertrophy (muscle building) Development

Do you ever avoid deadlift day because you know your lower back is going to be feeling it? Do your shoulders bug you after kipping pull-ups? Wish that you could get that first strict pull-up? All these issues can be resolved by strengthening what is referred to as your posterior chain aka all the muscles that are located on the back of your body.

Our past few cycles have been very strength biased and for good reason. But this go round we will be increasing our conditioning efforts to 4 times a week. Now those of you who like to move a barbell around don’t get upset, we will be incorporating lifting under fatigue during these longer sessions. Also food for thought, I don’t think I have ever met anyone who has said, “Man I can just go for too long during workouts. I wish my engine wasn’t so good.”

Hypertrophy is just a fancy way of saying, “building muscle”. Now that phrase can catch a bad wrap sometimes because people will say they don’t want to get too bulky or big. They are just looking to tone up. The fact of the matter is to create that toned look you are trying to achieve you have to have resistance training. To go even further, you have to push the limits on your resistance training. Coming in and doing a weight for a set of 15 when you really could have done 30 is not going to help you progress.

The Summer Swolestice is upon you, we hope you can stand the heat!